Defibrillators save lives

Defibrillators save the most lives of any equipment in an ambulance.

The most critical response for the St John ambulance service is for a person who has had a cardiac experience. Mostly they’ve suffered a cardiac arrest and it’s critical the heart is shocked back into its rhythm. Every second counts when there’s a cardiac arrest. Every second where the heart is not reset the heart muscle breaks down. Use of a defibrillator offers the best chance of saving lives and restoring people to a healthy condition.

St John has highly sophisticated defibrillators and donations amounting to $42,000 from the Mount Wellington Charitable Trust have enabled St John to purchase the newest machines for ambulances that operate out of their Mt Wellington station. The first call when there’s a cardiac arrest is a St John ambulance and that’s why the service ensures it has the best possible defibrillators in that ambulance. Giving is good.