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Tamaki Community Development Trust

Being a proud community-owned organization, the Mt Wellington Licensing trust has always found strength in the support it is able to give back to a local community and we are so glad that during the tough times 2020 has thrown to so many that we are still able to do this.


In a change to how the regular donation process is done, we decided to give our staff more of a voice and direction when it comes to where our gifting is focused.  Through this we have created a process where staff from Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre Mt Wellington, Waipuna Conference Suites Highbrook, The Corner Bar & Eatery Panmure and The Hidden Pub Panmure nominate the cause that they want the trusts donation to be given to.  It was our aim that this change would help bring context and specificity to the Giving is Good movement for those who work at the coal face of our businesses.


Our August nomination saw our staff wanting the donation to help children and families and we found a great partner in the Tamaki Community Development Trust.  This organization does amazing work in its local community by helping and educating families in a range of challenging circumstances to better be self-reliant and grow their own support network.  They also help fund and organize after school and holiday programmes for kids that otherwise may not be able to experience these truly Kiwi rights of passage.  Our staff were able to sit down with the Tamaki Community Development Trust team to  hear how they build and assist their community network and all three found it a motivating and inspiring experience.   We know that our donation will be used for so many great things through this organization and our heart felt thanks go out to Nick, Lynette and the entire team for allowing us into their home and sharing with us the great work they are doing in our wider community.